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Features & Benefits

  • Intuitive Design
  • Many Ways to Build Your Collection
  • Display Cast & Crew Information
  • Search Collection by Title, Director, or Actor/Actress
  • Filter Collection by Format, Genre, Status and/or Rating
  • Keep Track of Who has your Movies
  • Watch Movie trailers
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  • Genius Design
  • Browse your movie collection the way you prefer. My Movie Collection currently supports three different ways for you to list the movies you own. Simply select the view you prefer.

        Bookshelf: lists movies in a virtual bookcase
        Detail: lists movies with Image, Genre, Rating & Year
        Text: lists movies with Name and Year only

    In addition to these options you can also change several other options in Settings. Enable or disable the total movie count bubble and/or letter index. Set your default movie format or status to be used while adding movies. My Movie Collection for the iPhone has been designed from the ground up to keep things simple!

    My Movie Collection Add Movie

  • Many Ways to Build Your Collection
  • There are three different ways to add a movie with My Movie Collection. You can type the barcode manually or type the movie name manually; however, the most powerful feature is the ability to scan the movie barcode using your camera!

    How does this barcode scan stuff work? When you touch the add button; a prompt will appear if you have not selected a default input type in settings. Once you touch Barcode Scan w/Camera ; simply line up the barcode of the movie you would like to add in the square brackets. It’s that easy!

    The barcode scan feature requires iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 running iOS 4.0 or greater.


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  • Display Cast & Crew Information
  • View detailed information for any movie in your collection and a list of Director(s), Writer(s), Cast, Producer(s) and Other credits is displayed. Touch any person in the list and complete information about them will be displayed including: A photo, Birthday, Birth Place, Biography, and complete Filmography!

    Touch any of the movies listed in the Filmography and add it to your collection!

    My Movie Collection iPhone Search

  • Search Collection by Title, Director, Actor/Actress
  • At the top of your collection is a search field. Touching this will allow you to search your collection by Title, Director, Actor or Actress. Simply enter the information you are looking for and a quick search will return only movies meeting that criteria!

    Already have a filter applied? The search will only return results within the Filter!

    My Movie Collection iPhone Filter

  • Filter your collection
  • If you have a large movie collection it can be difficult to locate a specific movie. Using the Filter button will allow you to filter the movies currently being displayed. Filter by just one or any combination of the following:

        Format (DVD, Blu-ray, etc)
        Status (Owned, Rented, etc)
        MPAA Rating
        On Loan

    Once the filter is applied only movies matching your filter criteria will be displayed!
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  • Keep Track of Who has your Movies
  • Trying to keep track of who has your movies? Simply touch the info button while viewing a movie and you‚Äôll be able to enter the name of a person from your contacts in your phone in the Loaned to field!

    You can also modify other personal information about each movie which includes format (DVD, Blu-ray, VHS, etc), location, watched, status (Owned, Rented, Wishlist, etc) and personal rating!

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  • Watch Movie trailers
  • Not sure what movie to see? Don‚Äôt know if you want to rent that movie or purchase it? Add the movie to your collection and watch the movie trailer! ‚Ä®Note: This feature is not available on all movies.

  • Supported by a Powerful Database
  • Utilizing a powerful database with a tremendous amount of movie information you‚Äôll have access to all the information you need regarding your collection. Each movie includes the title, year, MPAA rating, length, genre, synopsis, directors, cast, producers and other credits.


    All this and much, much more!

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